June 08, 2013
Body Reshaping To Look Like Fictional Characters

How about plastic surgery to look like an elf, look like Superman, get star shapes on your forehead, become more tiger-like, or get pointy Spock Vulcan ears.. Recent advances in ear reshaping to get more pointed ears bodes well for elf lovers and Vulcan lovers.

Or how about eye implants to see into ultraviolet?

I see an angle here for a circus: bring out people who can much more realistically play assorted fictional characters.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2013 June 08 11:46 AM 

Ronald Brak said at June 8, 2013 9:08 PM:

Getting UV vison after cataract surgery used to be common with the old artificial lenses. One person found it useful for doing ultraviolet astronomy. But later lenses cut back on the ultraviolet getting through, presumably to reduce disorientation from getting differing input from each eye and possibly because getting UV in your eyes may not be good for them.

Brett Bellmore said at June 9, 2013 5:22 AM:

My mom had the old lenses that let through the ultraviolet. Aside from the risk of getting a sunburned retina, (Which is officially a Bad Thing.) the fact that her eyes didn't effectively FOCUS the UV meant that all she got out of it was a (ultra)violet haze over everything, interfering with her ability to see in the regular spectrum.

I have the newer UV blocking lenses, and while they do filter the UV, I notice that they are apparently not as achromatic as a natural lens. A nearby store has violet lights in the window, and I'm simply incapable of focusing that shade, it's just a big blob of violet surrounding the store. Extremely annoying. Perhaps his brand does a better job of focusing the light. My surgeon didn't discuss lens options with me, and I was too bummed out about going blind, (My cataracts came on very abruptly, as a side effect of chemo.) to think of bringing the subject up. Too bad, I'm not getting them replaced at this point.

BTW, according to one book I read, they actually had Nimoy convinced at one point that it would be worth getting plastic surgery for his ears, which could be reversed after the show ended. (Apparently the prosthetic ears were time consuming to apply, and painful to wear.) But it was just a practical joke at the time.

Brett Bellmore said at June 9, 2013 5:28 AM:

Oh, and those look more like hobbit ears, than elf ears. Elf ears are pointy and *extended*, hobbit ears are pointy and short. They'll have to actually add tissue to manage elf ears.

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