May 01, 2014
Implant Directs Stem Cells To Regrow Lost Muscle Tissue

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Five people who suffered serious leg injuries have been able to regrow muscle tissue in their legs thanks to a new regenerative medicine treatment.

Granted, the development of stem cell therapies, gene therapies, and tissue engineering technologies is taking a long time. But useful therapies are coming. Here is another one:

In a major advance, researchers at the University of Washington have successfully restored damaged heart muscle of monkeys using heart cells created from human embryonic stem cells.

A key piece of their advance: They were able to grow up much larger numbers of cells, 10 times more than have been used in previous therapy development attempts.

The researchers found that over subsequent weeks, the stem-cell derived heart muscle cells infiltrated into the damaged heart tissue, then matured, assembled into muscle fibers and began to beat in synchrony with the macaque heart cells. After three months, the cells appear to have fully integrated into the macaque heart muscle.

On average the transplanted stem cells regenerated 40 percent of the damaged heart tissue, said Laflamme, UW assistant professor of pathology, whose team was principally responsible for generating the replacement heart muscle cells.

I wonder whether any of these cells integrated with leg and arm muscles. Could we rejuvenate aged muscles just by injecting large numbers of stem cells?

Share |      Randall Parker, 2014 May 01 09:01 PM 

Dave said at May 2, 2014 5:02 PM:

I have a degenerative nervous condition, primarily affecting lower limbs.
The news you report is often positive and exciting but I'm not getting any younger..
I'm 35 years old now, had it for 30 years. I always looked at the amount of genetic research and stem-cells and such and thought good things were going to happen soon, or at least before I got real old.
I know it sounds odd, but when I was 15, 10 years seemed like a real long time, I was convinced something good would turn up by the time I got to 30 or so, but now at 35, 10 years does not seem a long time, I know great progress is being made and I am convinced that in the future a lot of these problems will be easily corrected. but damn how long is it going to take! argh!

VRiftist said at May 2, 2014 11:06 PM:

I'd like to see a variety of test results for billionaire Peter Nygard. "I am taking perhaps more stem cell treatment than anybody else in the world. I have been doing it for four years now, so I am sort of a testimonial that this stem cell really works." I'm skeptical that it "works" but I'd like to see the data. In fact, there is a ton of stem cell medical tourism going on, the fact that it all has to take place under cover of darkness due to the FDA is truly unfortunate. We really don't have a way to track outcomes with hard data.

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