June 05, 2014
Aging Breast Cells Less Able To Block Cancer Growth

Older multipotent progenitor cells in breast tissue become less responsive to signals that cause younger ramp up production of tumor-fighting myoepithelial cells.

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have gained more insights into why older women are more susceptible to breast cancer. They found that as women age, the cells responsible for maintaining healthy breast tissue stop responding to their immediate surroundings, including mechanical cues that should prompt them to suppress nearby tumors.

This is yet another reminder of why we need the ability to create youthful stem cells from our own cells to use for cell therapy and organ replacement: Youthful cells work better. They have better defenses against cancer. They have full function which is gradually lost with age. We could turn up cells to make them do more repair work as long as cancer defenses are strong and no precancerous cells are in the body.

Once scientists develop the ability to replace old cells with younger cells which are in far better genetic condition we will get far less cancer.

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