July 10, 2014
Embedded Birth Control Chip: Lasts 16 Years

A company, microchips in Lexington Massachusetts, is going to try to bring it to market. It could be turned off externally to allow a pregnancy.

I want embedded sensor systems along with embedded drug delivery systems.

With multiple separately controllable reservoirs a series of doses can be delivered.

microchips' technology is based on proprietary reservoir arrays that are used to store and protect potent drugs within the body for long periods of time. These arrays are designed for compatibility with preprogrammed microprocessors, wireless telemetry, or sensor feedback loops to provide active control. Individual device reservoirs can be opened on demand or on a predetermined schedule to precisely control drug release or sensor activation.

Suppose you are alive 20 years from now and an assortment of drug-dispensing embedded devices are available. Will you want to get some implanted?

I can see some types of embedded drugs useful in emergency situations. For example, people who work in primitive environments with high risk of dangerous bacterial infection could have embedded antibiotics. Or how about embedded modafinil in case you find yourself needing to stay awake in an emergency?

Here's another practical use: If you need to sometimes shift your circadian rhythm to a different sleep cycle you could program an embedded device to gradually cause a shift of time for a melatonin spike. Starting to stay up too late? Time to instruct your body to shift back to the sleeping time range you prefer.

I'd like ways to make myself more or less sensitive to distractions depending on what I am doing. If some drugs could do that I could program myself to shift into different states on different days depending on what's on my schedule.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2014 July 10 08:34 PM 

anonymous said at July 14, 2014 6:28 AM:

People would be able to hack into your internal biopharmacy and kill you or change your emotions to manipulate you.

Vektor said at July 26, 2014 6:16 AM:

It would be nice to have a technological solution to actually verify that she using birth control vs. taking her word for it. It would be even nicer if men had more options to handle it themselves.

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