November 28, 2014
High Blood Pressure An Immune Disease?

Placental growth factor in mice activates an immune response that causes high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of death around the world, and its prevalence continues to rise. A study published by Cell Press on November 20th in the journal Immunity shows that a protein in the spleen called placental growth factor (PlGF) plays a critical role in activating a harmful immune response that leads to the onset of high blood pressure in mice. The findings pave the way for the development of more effective treatments for this common and deadly condition.

But since the nervous system controls placental growth factor levels maybe high blood pressure is really a nervous system disorder. Or maybe something sends the wrong signal to the nervous system.

Additional experiments revealed that the nervous system controls levels of PlGF in the spleen, and PlGF in the spleen in turn is essential for the activation of T cells and the onset of hypertension.

When will high blood pressure become a curable disease?

Share |      Randall Parker, 2014 November 28 12:30 PM 

Steve said at November 29, 2014 11:51 AM:

'Tis the season...

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Chad said at November 29, 2014 12:37 PM:

I'm not sure if this explains all hypertension, but it would seem to be the major cause of eclampsia in pregnant women.

Tiny Montgomery said at November 29, 2014 3:38 PM:

Do men's spleens produce "placental growth factor?" If so, maybe it has some other function as well. If not, then this would not appear to hold any prospect of success in treating hypertension in men.

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