December 22, 2014
Human Stem Cells Repair Mouse Corneas

Repair of body parts is good.

Treating the potentially blinding haze of a scar on the cornea might be as straightforward as growing stem cells from a tiny biopsy of the patient's undamaged eye and then placing them on the injury site, according to mouse model experiments conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Does normal aging cause any degree of scarring on the cornea?

Since human stem cells were used this does not seem too far away from a human treatment. Though regulations over human trials probably make this years away from being tried in humans.

The team then tested the human stem cells in a mouse model of corneal injury. They used a gel of fibrin, a protein found in blood clots that is commonly used as a surgical adhesive, to glue the cells to the injury site. They found the scarred corneas of mice healed and became clear again within four weeks of treatment, while those of untreated mice remained clouded.

"Even at the microscopic level, we couldn't tell the difference between the tissues that were treated with stem cells and undamaged cornea," Dr. Funderburgh said.

"We were also excited to see that the stem cells appeared to induce healing beyond the immediate vicinity of where they were placed. That suggests the cells are producing factors that promote regeneration, not just replacing lost tissue."

I'd love to see stem cell therapies that can make eyes young again. I used to have better than 20:20 vision and I'd like to get that back again. Reading glasses are a nuisance.

I'd like to find a passageway to a parallel universe where on a parallel Earth humans area about 50 years more advanced and full body rejuvenation is easy.

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