May 10, 2015
Robot Room Service

A robot does delivery to hotel rooms.

A Japanese company intends to automate almost all work in a hotel. If they even automate half the work in the next 5 years that'll be impressive. Cleaning a room seems like the hardest part.

Front desk check-in work seems almost all automatable now. It can be done using computer systems similar in sophistication to the ones rental car companies provide to enable getting and returning cars without human contact. The key just happens to open a room door rather than a car door.

50 years ago entry level workers could start at jobs in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, rental companies, and and other lower skilled work. A high school grad (or even high school student) with few skills could work at a hotel or as a food prep cook in a restaurant. The jobs did not require much skill. But these jobs are going to get automated out of existence.

My question: In the future will entry-level jobs exist for people with few skills? What will those jobs be?

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