July 19, 2015
Beijing Area 130 Million Super City Planned

Jing-Jin-Ji will unite Beijing (Jing), the port of Tianjin (Jin), and Hebei province (known as Ji) into one large urban area united by expanded high speed rail service. The Chinese have decided that since high speed rail is so much faster than cars they can create a larger city area with commutes from bedroom communities located further away from city centers.

The development in Jing-Jin-Ji is quite unbalanced due to peculiarities of Chinese tax law. The suburbs can't build up many obvious pieces you'd expect them to have.

What I find most interesting about this report is the impact of high speed rail on official thinking. I suspect they are making a mistake in that autonomous vehicles are quickly approach on the horizon. Autonomous vehicles are going to enable much more extensive small and large bus service in many directions and the directional flexibility of autonomous vehicles will compete with the speed of rail. Go to a few places quickly? Or to many places easily and cheaply?

Share |      Randall Parker, 2015 July 19 01:04 PM 

XVO said at July 20, 2015 3:35 PM:

They could work together. Autonomous cars would take much of the detriment out of rail, giving people a cheap way to get around once they get to their location and making it so they wouldn't have to park.

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