November 22, 2015
Last Antibiotic Falls To Resistance Mutation In China

A bacterial strain in China has now developed a resistance mutation to Colistin, the last antibiotic without a known bacterial mutation for resistance. Antibiotic use in animal feed is seen as a likely cause of this new mutation.

The human race has been very foolish for many decades in its overuse of antibiotics both in humans and in animal feed. Some of us are going to die as a result. Some already have. Surgery is becoming riskier due to chance of infection. Hospital visits for other types of treatment are becoming riskier as well. So antibiotics resistance is reducing the general effectiveness of the health care.

We need to do at least 4 things:

  • Ban most antibiotics from animal feed.
  • Stop human use of antibiotics when an infection is likely viral.
  • Develop a lot more vaccines. Strengthen the immune system.
  • Make hospitals much more sanitary. Avoid bacteria exposure.

In a nut shell: Stop doing stupid things. Start doing smart things.

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