January 18, 2016
Keyless Entry, Autonomous Cars, Predicted Life

Keyless door access control systems are part of a wider movement of computers acting for us. If a computer can detect it is you approaching your own home it can not only unlock your door but also, with additional actuators, open it.

The same can be done with cars. You walk up to it in the morning on a work day and the door pops open, you get in, it tells you it is taking you to work, and without even a response on your part it pulls out of your driveway and turns toward work.

Computer prediction models will act in your life to cook your food in advance of your asking, start the water running on your shower, and pull clothes out of your closet to wear. The Nest thermostat is already trying to figure out when to heat and cool your house. The predicting will get much more all-encompassing. Once you've left for the day the house computer will decide whether and where your autonomous vacuum should clean.

Computers will predict your food needs, order home delivery of groceries, and the house robot will accept delivery from the delivery truck robot.

Some forms of prediction will still come with a request that you sanction a choice. Your phone could tell you an hour before you leave work from home what is the recommended meal based on recent meals you liked and what's available in the kitchen. If you accept hte recommendation preparation will start as you walk up to your car and it opens the door to let you in. If you decide to work late the phone could offer to have dinner delivered to you from home or from a nearby robotic restaurant that has the needed supplies to cook any of your favorite recipes.

The home will also medically monitor and diagnose you.

What am I missing? What else will get done for you that you now have to attend to?

Update: I want a coach computer that tells me when I ought to see a dentist, doctor, accountant, or even go to an oil change place. It could check a dentist's calendar for openings, tell me I'm due, and suggest times. It could watch my car's miles driven (the car computer would talk to my cell phone which would talk to a server with my life on it) and let me know when I'm due. Basically, life maintenance activities would all just get prompted. It could even tell me when to change the air filter on my home heater.

So then add an autonomous vehicle to the mix. It could drive itself to a place to get the oil, air filter, belts, and tires changed. It might ask "mind if I drive off at 2 AM this morning and get this work done by robots while you sleep?".

Share |      Randall Parker, 2016 January 18 10:16 PM 

drewp said at January 19, 2016 8:06 PM:

Music and other entertainment?
Security, or at least status like "did I close the back door?", "when was my roommate last home?", etc.
Handling some logistics surrounding service workers and other guests to the house.

Shay said at January 20, 2016 12:50 PM:

The Jetsons laid out the future for us:


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