February 20, 2016
Gig Work Not Becoming Main Income Source For Most Giggers

Interesting article: Your Uber Driver Probably Has Another Job.

Quick response on-demand lower skill jobs are a lot easier to sell thru an online broker (e.g. Uber) because there isn't a need to do complex matching of workers and bidders for services. The more complex the skill the more likely that the screening process to choose a suitable worker will take a lot of time.

I realize that some people bid on small software development jobs. But people I know who've done it found the flow of work was uneven and managing relationships with customers fairly time consuming and frustrating. Go ahead and pop up in the comments tell me this style of doing software development for a living works great for you. But I've known a lot of devs and none of them ended up trying to do lots of small jobs for very long.

As for Uber drivers: I think their gig work will disappear by the year 2030. Autonomous vehicles will take over most of the taxi driving. Can you think of another on-demand service occupation that can become as big as Uber/Lyft driving is now? Maybe home care services for older retirees.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2016 February 20 07:46 PM 

BernardZ said at February 21, 2016 4:37 AM:

A high skilled jobs is not hard to sell thru an online broker (e.g. Fiverr), I use it a lot.

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