May 01, 2016
When Self-Driving Cars Achieve Sentience

Your self-driving car could decide you have a bad job, send your resume and work history to an AI at a different company,and negotiate a new job for you. The first you'll find out about it is when, on the way to work, the car will take an unexpected turn, drive you to a different building in a different town, and a robot will roll out to greet you as you get out of the car. The robot will tell you what your new job is as you follow it into your new office building or factory.

Then there's the new autonomous vehicle blind date. You get in the car, it pulls up in front of an apartment building, and someone else gets told they have a car waiting for them to take them out for the evening. The other person gets in, you seem them. They see you. Your aural implants inform both of you that you are great matches for each other, and the car drives off.

Moving will be interesting as well. The AI running your life will, unbeknownst to you, decide you ought to move, choose a new house, negotiate terms. Then when you ride off to work one morning then right after you are out of sight trucks full of robots roll up to your place, go into your home, and start moving your stuff out. The first you will find out is when your ride home takes an unexpected turn and take you to a different house.

Vacations will be a similar surprise. You won't know you are going on vacation until your car picks you up from work and unexpectedly drives you to the airport. You won't have to get your luggage out of the trunk of course since a robot will already have delivered it to the airport while you worked. The robot concierge at the airport will recognize you and direct you to the correct departure terminal. You won't need to be searched for bombs or weapons because computers will have watched you since you god dressed and they'll know you aren't carrying anything. Plus, they'll know the location and purpose of everything in your home.

Also, when an old friend comes to visit of course it'll be a surprise to both of you.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2016 May 01 09:18 PM 

jb said at May 3, 2016 4:30 AM:

If you haven't, you should read Iain Banks' Culture series. The Player of Games is a good place to start.

Personally, I hope my self-aware car names itself "Lapsed Pacifist"

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