May 17, 2016
Start-Up Targets Autonomous Long Haul Trucks

A San Francisco start-up named Otto seeks to bring self-driving trucks to market before self-driving cars. Their argument is that the ROI for autonomous trucks is higher because each truck has such a high price ($150k) and high distance driven per year. Makes sense.

What I found interesting: the idea that autonomous vehicles will hit small towns especially hard. Long haul truckers live in smaller towns with lower real estate costs. They do not need to be near major cities since when they go to work they travel long distances. So when the over 3 million long haul truckers in America lose their jobs to autonomous trucks they'll have to move closer to cities to find work. This will cost them much of their equity in their houses (who is going to move in to replace them?) and raise their living costs.

Who will lose their jobs first? Uber drivers? Or long haul trucking drivers? I am thinking it is the long haul truckers.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2016 May 17 05:11 AM 

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