July 02, 2016
Robot Burgers Coming To San Francisco

Momentum Machines looks like it is gearing up for first deployment of its robotic burger maker at a South of Market San Francisco restaurant.

As I've previously stated, robots will take over restaurant cooking before they take over truck driving. The reason: A restaurant back room is a far more controlled environment than an open highway or city street. A cooking robot does not have to deal with as much complexity.

The political movement for higher minimum wages is accelerating the move to automate restaurants. Robotic pizza, robotic tacos, robotic coffee: it is all coming. One of the coolest consequences: full automation with robotic cooks will enable you to order preparation of your own custom recipe. You will be able to choose from recipes found on the web and have local restaurants bid in an automated online auction to prepare your recipe.

HIgh wage cities such as San Francisco will drive this revolution. In 10 years mature robots will be cheaper. Restaurant food will be cheaper, better tasting, and prepared more precisely to your preferences. Plus, preparation will be faster, you will be able to order before you arrive at a restaurant, and eventually (maybe in 15-20 years) the food will be delivered to your home by robots.

Update: The accounting will be automated as well.

Share |      Randall Parker, 2016 July 02 11:21 AM 

Nick G said at July 3, 2016 2:56 PM:

And, the likelihood of food-caused illness (either from the food, or transmitted via the food from the restaurant staff) would be much less. That would encourage us to eat out more.

David said at July 15, 2016 6:02 AM:

I both agree and disagree. I think that when it comes to fast food and supermarket delis. Yes it will be automated. But other than that food is an art, just like painting a picture. A cooks job is not to follow recipes but it is to create art. No robot can accomplish the same sensory experience a fine dining chef would present. There is such subtle differences in product and preparation that one would need a quantum computer to be able to identify all the chemical reactions going on. Fast food is one thing, its pretty much all automated already. The french fries are timed and auto dropped the burgers are cooked exactly the same way by a timed computer. But I dont think we will see a robot cooking Colby beef, and soft seared scallops. Food is a great identity of our race (the Human race) cooking on fire is a very momentous event that pushed evolution forward. Why would we take that away. Not to mention the MASSIvE labor pool that would dry up if cooks lost their jobs. Im a chef and I support inovation, but i also support art. Theres a line which can easily be drawn between what can and should be automated and what should be left alone.

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