2016 September 17 Saturday
Expanding Miami Zika Zone: Time To Wipe Out Invasive Mosquito

The Miami Beach danger zone for mosquitoes carrying Zika virus is expanding.

This isn't just about microcephaly in developing fetuses. Since Zika attacks neural progenitor cells it might cause lasting damage in adults too. A case of acute sensory polyneuropathy in an adult caused symptoms that lasted for months. It is suspected that Zika causes inflammation of sensory nerves and possibly an auto-immune response.

So Zika is bad.

What should we do about it? Wipe out the mosquitoes that carry it. Totally drive them to extinction. These mosquitoes are invasive in the Western Hemisphere. If a mosquito causes major health problems for the human species we should just wipe it out. Wiping out a mosquito species could be done with gene drive technology. I say lets do it.

By Randall Parker 2016 September 17 06:01 PM 
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