2012 July 12 Thursday
Elvis Mice Have Presley's DNA

Way cool. Think of the possibilities.

As a pop comeback, it's certainly among the more unusual. Royal College of Art graduate student Koby Barhad's project All That I Am features genetically-engineered mice with DNA taken from the hair of Elvis Presley. The aim is to explore a range of philosophical and ethical issues.

How about a cat that contains some Marilyn Monroe DNA?

The possibilities are endless. Take a small portion of a departed loved one's DNA and get it put into a new puppy.

I know what you narcissists are thinking: Put your own DNA into pets and plants. Imagine a pet who has your eye color because it contains your genes for eye pigment control.

It seems inevitable that humans will make their pets more intelligent.

By Randall Parker    2012 July 12 09:54 PM   Entry Permalink | Comments (13)
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