2011 May 10 Tuesday
Liposuction Fat Loss Not Permanent

It just shows up again at other parts of the body. Since it fully comes back in a year how about periodic 3 month liposuction? Get it when you go in for botox? Or whole body liposuction?

AURORA, Colo. (May 8, 2011) Liposuction has become one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the country. It has been around since 1974 and there are now more than 450,000 operations a year. But does the fat come back? A recent study by Teri L. Hernandez, PhD, RN and Robert H. Eckel, MD, at the University of Colorado School of Medicine have found that the fat eventually returns within one year, and is redistributed to other areas of the body, especially the upper abdomen. There was further redistribution around the shoulders and triceps of the arms.

"The fact that fat returned is of great interest to us as scientists. It supports the idea that levels of body fat are very tightly regulated by mechanisms we have yet to uncover," said Eckel. "This was the hypothesis we were testing and it was confirmed. In rodents when fat is removed it returns, and after weight loss in humans most everyone regains the weight. We think the brain somehow knows how much fat is on board and responds in a manner to regulate that weight. That's why preventing obesity is so important".

Imagine injectable drugs that would suppress fat cells in the area of injection. Maybe a gene therapy could instruct fat cells to shrink and stay small. The injection route to remold one's fat distribution would be far less invasive and traumatic. In the long run I expect most plastic surgery that involves cutting into people will be replaced by injections and topical treatments that reprogram cells to resculpt our bodies without crude mechanical cutting.

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