2009 July 05 Sunday
Comments Currently Broken

I just updated to MovableType 4.261. Unfortunately commenting broken when I did this. So if you can't view or make comments I'm aware of the problem.

If any MT knowledgeable are reading this: I've been using MTSecurityCode and MTSecurityImage from the SCode plugin. I suspect that they are causing the problem. If you know how to migrate a Comment Preview Template to the newer CAPTCHA feature in MT 4 then contact me in email.

I also do not see the cursor in Mozilla Seamonkey while editing a blog post. Any ideas?

Parenthetically, problems with the upgrade are causing a pause in my posting. Hopefully should resume soon.

Update: Comments now work via full post entries but not via the Comments link. You can now use the permalink to an individual entry, write a comment, hit preview, enter the CAPTCHA code, and Post a comment. I still have problems getting the pure comments view to work.

Update: They do not migrate the comments listing template? Still fighting with the blogging software. Expect to start showing some improvements in blog site functionality once I'm done though.

By Randall Parker    2009 July 05 10:39 AM   Entry Permalink | Comments (1)
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