2011 March 20 Sunday
Facebook Attracts Narcissists

Not all personality types are equally attracted to Facebook. Okay, not everyone on Facebook is a narcissist. So all you narcissists out there: Not to worry, you've still got an audience.

“Facebook users tend to be more extroverted and narcissistic, but less conscientious and socially lonely, than non-users,” Tracii Ryan and Sophia Xenos of RMIT University in Melbourne write in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

This should be seen as a societal benefit of Facebook. By their segregating themselves onto Facebook the narcissists remove themselves from venues where non-narcissists find extroverted narcissists to be overbearing and abusive. If the narcissists do not entirely remove themselves from other venues they at least reduce their presence in other settings. Only so many hours in a day after all.

Here's the challenge: How to create social media web sites where underrepresented people (e.g. the shy and highly conscientious) and relate to each other without the extroverts crashing in? Creating an environment for the shyest people seems especially problematic. They will be too shy to friend each other. They'll be too shy to even sign up, except maybe with a pseudonym and a fake personality.

Are you attracted to Facebook? Do you consider yourself a narcissist? Or just an extrovert? Or is Facebook a place where your shy self feels less inhibited? Or do you really like reconnecting with kids you knew in grade school?

By Randall Parker    2011 March 20 01:17 PM   Entry Permalink | Comments (13)
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